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A singer, a composer, and an arranger, Anthus has become established as one of the best male jazz voices in our country. An accolade given to him by numerous critics.

Born in Sicily, Anthus discovered singing thanks to a little 45rpm record player hidden in his grandmother's wardrobe. At the tender age of 8, he started listening to the famous crooners of the 50's and 60's, all the jazz greats, and fell under the spell of the voice of the great Frank Sinatra among many others. The discovery of all these wonderful sounds led him to start studying music.

But a strong desire to explore, not only new musical styles, but also the world, led him to Ireland's green shores. Anthus improved and honed his jazz skills in Dublin, leading him to study at "The Guildhall School of Music and Drama", and obtaining a degree in Jazz Performance.

In Ireland, Anthus performed in some of the best known musical venues, leading to the release of his first album "Dreamer". His musical career continued to progress and find a new home when he moved to Barcelona. There he released his second album "Radici" (Roots). This second album is a fusion of Mediterranean traditional music with his beloved jazz. In 2015 Anthus released "Profundament Jazz", which is a voyage through some of the best known jazz instrumental pieces, with the addition of lyrics for some of Chick Corea's and Wayne Shorter's tunes.


With both "Radici" and "Profundament Jazz", Anthus soon became established as "The Crooner of Mediterranean Jazz" and as such performed at the best jazz festivals in our country, including: - "46th Barcelona International Jazz Festival", "7th Girona Jazz Festival","23rd Jazz and Creative Music Ciutat Vella Festival" and many more.


Now after 2 years work in the studio, Anthus proudly releases "Calidoscòpic", his most autobiographical work to date. This highly eclectic album is the result of a veritable torrent of creativity. Anthus fuses contemporary and classical jazz with Mediterranean sounds, pop and even some rap. In short, a world of sounds through the filter of his own life experience, what can only be called his personal kaleidoscope, which not only seduces our ears, but also the attention of the national media. This has been called "the most original thing that national jazz has experienced in a long time". Recognised in 2017 and nominated for both "album of the year" and "best artist" at the "Enderrock Music Awards", one of the most prestigious music awards in the entire country.

"Calidoscòpic" is comprised of 10 tracks that truly reveal Anthus both in body and soul, it is a faithful reflection of Anthus' very being. It is eclectic, versatile and innovative to the extreme. Anthus is a restless, creative artist, who is constantly engaged in his quest to elevate jazz to its highest expression. In "Calidoscòpic" we meet a unique vocalist, a true jazz artist who is rooted in the Mediterranean on his lifetime mission to reveal his jazz soul.







A Proposito di Jazz - 12 December 2017 by Gerlando Gatto

"Calidoscòpic" consecrates Anthus as a top-level artist [...] Anthus, one of the best and most complete exponents of that jazz style who many call "Mediterranean Jazz".


“Anthus, when improvising, deploys his prodigious technique and his talent using a kind of Mediterranean scat which makes us travel through the shores of our sea in a heartbeat”.

EL PUNT AVUI 31 January 2017

“Anthus, the jazz singer with an authentic voice”.


“Anthus comes of age as a musician by creating an original, personal language that shows him to be the leading artist on the Mediterranean jazz fusion scene”.

DIARI ARA 16 January 2017

“Anthus is a free voice of jazz”.

Spanish National Radio, 15 January 2017

“His musical career has been continuously growing into a style that brings freedom printed in its own rhythm”.

LA VANGUARDIA, 15 January 2017

“Anthus is the highest exponent of Mediterranean jazz”.

ESPECTACULOS BCN, 13 January 2017

“Anthus has become established as one of the best standing out jazz voices in our country… Listening to Calidoscòpic is listening to a true jazz artist, a veritable auteur”.

Catalan TV, 10 January 2017

“Anthus, an exponent of the new auteur jazz who fuses, with a touch of wisdom, pop, rap with Mediterranean jazz sounds”.

LA HABITACIÓN DEL JAZZ, 20 Desember 2016

“Anthus is the most original artist that the national jazz has ever heard since a long time”.


“Calidoscòpic signifies the definitive consolidation of an artist who dares to combine Mediterranean sounds with the most international jazz styles, achieving truly superb results”.

DIARI DE SABADELL, 14th Otober 2015

Anthus is one of the best male voices in the jazz catalan scene, [...] His repertoire of Sicilian songs combined with jazz, and above all his voice, have turned Anthus into a Mediterranean "crooner" who arouses great praise.

LA MAÑANA, 23 septembre 2015

Profundament Jazz" is an explosive album which combines jazz with samba, funk and swing.


37th Terrassa Jazz Festival

Anthus presents his Mediterranean Jazz Music in the Terrassa Jazz Festival

Wednesday, 7th of March at 9:30 p.m.

El Cel de les Oques, C. de la Palla, 15 Terrassa


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